looking at the sky ™

The name is Syed abdillah but people call me syed...why?
short n simple
studying in ITE east
Digital Audio and Video Production (DVAP)
aiming to be a editor/designer/photographer


Canon eos 400D

EF 14mm f/2.8L USM wide angle lens

EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM macro lens

The new Macbook pro

A new 1TB hard disk

New skate shoes

new era (Braves, Sox and NY)
Be there for her...hmmm

Full turntable kit

new nike sb

more to come....

-adobe photoshop cs2.
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Music Playlist at MixPod.com

hey there !
sory went to m'sia as u all know..
from my previous entry
...so i'll be back soon

1:00 AM

daym its 12 to 1 am now haa...didn't notice sia ...haaaaii-__-^
oh well came back from school did nothing freakin bored se watch
movie...movie...movie but its fun la.

well tomolo its screening of my crews film "consequences : brotherhood"
ahh so exciting and it became better no school its editing day wooohooo!!
well its not my turn yet.

chat with siti and mai just now ah miss ya'll so much
good new !
2 more films coming soon
1 school project film
and i'm going to m'sia
this friday
but regretting it ah cos didn;t go for the first firework then
can't cancel cos book ticks for it all ready
taking a first class coach there
fams are waiting there
really regretted this mistake....

learn a new lesson
think twice before anything...

well thats all 4 now


12:44 AM

hey sory for the late update i'm kinda buzy rite now so
i'll try to drop by some time

other than that i'm done with my school work
eccept for casting ...shit!!!
found them but didn't interview
and deadline is tomorrow ...
i'm freakin toasted roasted bear
but locuky i've done my poster cheak it out



... thats all for today ...haha really short post
wish toextend it ...maybe tomorrow.....chaous!


11:51 PM