looking at the sky ™

The name is Syed abdillah but people call me syed...why?
short n simple
studying in ITE east
Digital Audio and Video Production (DVAP)
aiming to be a editor/designer/photographer


Canon eos 400D

EF 14mm f/2.8L USM wide angle lens

EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM macro lens

The new Macbook pro

A new 1TB hard disk

New skate shoes

new era (Braves, Sox and NY)
Be there for her...hmmm

Full turntable kit

new nike sb

more to come....

-adobe photoshop cs2.
Close All

Music Playlist at MixPod.com



im so bored...so sory didnt update this thing
at all bz at all time cant even do a thing

well im in msia now bored to death
but the internet here is dam fast

birthday just past ....blah blah blah....

i am now enjoying time with my only friend/nephew Houd

itsnt he the cutest awww

11:41 PM

the waves came!!!

well its tuesday went for LnL again
though they came but last min canceled.
n..nn.……i got bodysurf
same goes to the beat boxer.

Tiramisu dresses crazily


n not forgetting The Stoned Revivals!!!!!!!!

thats my cousin Syafiq!!!!!

11:12 AM

crashing down to deep sea

Once again
long break from post
dam lah loads of work
lifes a FUCK

well i'm
1. sick at home do nothin but resting
2. worried sick about my life
3. wonder if i'm still alive or not

went to
1. parkway drive
2. live n loaded trice

i just don't understand people...
they just use others for them to have a simple task done
then they don't give a fuck at what were missing or at what state
were in.


12:45 PM

setting up goals

Well today is quite a tiring day
takin' photos arggg!!!
but one things for sure i love takin' photos haa
saw siti today n few more nahhh
accually loads of friends!!!

more updates soon!


9:31 PM

getting things back two square one

woow that a dam long break on updating my blog haha sory
i got my dream lappy
the macbook pro 15 inch
life's a bore but fun gettin' the hype back
today meet loads of my peeps haha

12:46 AM

ala ding ding (:

well i'll start with "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!! " there....haha i am so dam board in m'sia now would u look @ where i stay:

(this pic i take when i was laying on the road)

no internet no this no that arrgg!!!


anyway i just got my cute baby nephew

named "houd"


he gave me this five faces to me today (:




relaxed ^^

cute kan i know.... k gtg sleep time (:

9:11 PM

sobbing along

well i was @ sitex today wasting my time all day there
do nothing...i'd rather go out with the Fa's
but my mum caged me up so.. yah
i almost bought this:

but dad said "wait for my bonus to come"
so sadly went out of the fair with nothing in hand ...
oh well its ok dad i understand
well its not that cheap you know...

1:33 AM